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Value and Judgement
(Invisible) Operating Systems Within the Performing Arts


What are the voices, narratives, bodies that are programmed or still excluded today - in Belgium as much as the neighbouring countries? In spite of a growing consciousness around inclusion and diversity, decisions in the performing arts are often still rooted in a Eurocentric value system and perspective. This concerns not only the way our field operates day to day, but also the choices within artistic programming, artistic practices or financial support. With growing far-right & conservative politics and the direct impact it enforces on our sector, not only who we choose, but also how we come to those choices is extremely relevant. In this debate, we will look deeper into shared ownership of artistic programs within institutions and festivals and address the invisible barriers of gatekeeping and assimilation. A dismantling of the reality of “free” choice-making and who still has(owns) this possibility.

Presented by
Kunstenpunt / Flanders Arts Institute