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This is the story of Bételgeuse, a red giant star on the brink of death. It could explode at any moment. Any time between now and 100 000 years from now. As the years go by, it's even possible that she's already exploded and we haven't heard about it yet (which is what everyone's wondering).

This is the story of a group of scientists, trapped for years in a laboratoy for multi-disciplinary experiments with in vitro revolt. By dint of observing the micro-metagen of revolt from all angles, their desire has become blunted. But a failed empathic experiment upsets their routine and sets their lives in motion.

This ensemble forms BÉTELGEUSE, a philosophical science-fiction comedy, a tribute to women* who try, to those who fail, to those who dream and to those who have given up.

*People who identify as women

• After studying literature, history, philosophy and social sciences in Paris, Marthe Degaille went on to study at ESACT (Liège), graduating in 2020. She obtained a Master's degree in performing arts from the University of Franche Comté in 2021. As an actress, author and director, her work is marked by her commitment to the visibility of lesbian stories and bodies on stage. Her main dramaturgical tools are feminist, queer and lesbian thought.

performance Isabelle Urbain, Josepha Sini, Anaïs Moray, Malika Temoura | sound design Mélodie Blaison | light design & technique Gabrielle Guy | scenography & costumes Léa Vayrou Co-creation & manufacturing costumes Cécile Massou | construction assistance Andrea Ferreri| text & direction Marthe Degaille | direction assistant Lisa Kaison, Justine Bialy | choreographical advice Marion Sage | physical preparation  Garance Maillot | dramaturgy Olivia Stainier | catering Loli Warin | development, production, diffusion Habemus papam | a creation by Marthe Degaille hosted by Habemus papam | co-production La Balsamine (Bruxelles, Be), Le Rideau de Bruxelles (Bruxelles, Be), La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod | support Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – service du théâtre, Voix de Femmes (Liège, Be), La Chaufferie-Acte 1 (Liège, Be), La Bellone (Bruxelles, Be), Théâtre & Publics (Liège, Be), Théâtre Varia, le CED – Centre des Écritures Dramatiques de Wallonie-Bruxelles (Manage, Be), Belgium’s LIBITUM,, ING et Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge

Presented by
la balsamine