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Azad was the name of Lila Magnin’s great-grandmother. The word also means "free". In this solo, Lila explores the complexities of femininity in a world that does not understand all the issues. Couldn't this body, which is constantly referred to as a burden, actually hide a source of power? Perhaps it is beyond the physical body that this power lies? In an in-between, between masculine and feminine, where the tracks are blurred, confused and differently qualified?

Azad is composed of a personal gesture that switches from one form to another, from one energy to another, from one state to another. From voguing to break dance, from Bharata Natyam to hip hop, from stand-up to street show, from gravity to lightness. A human story beyond gender. 

creation, choreographer & interpretation Lila Magnin | contributors Claudia Bruno, Mercedes Dassy, Annlydie Groenen, Moya Michael, Stanley Ollivier, Jeanne Sauvat, Lorena Spindler | costumes Aniyora Vegter | music Lila Magnin | lighting Florentin Crouzet-Nico | distribution & management Camille Philippot/Get Down-Dancers Management | co-production KVS, Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène | with the support of GC Essegem, wp Zimmer, CC Jacques Franck, BAMP, Mestizo Arts Platform (WIPCOOP), Kopergietery 

Presented by
Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie